Amazon January 2017 formally launched the auto retail business, which is the electricity supplier giants on the traditional industry giants in the auto retail industry challenges.

but competition will not just stay within, especially in the face of new entry.

automotive retail industry in the last 30 years of vigorous development, the birth of the four giants AutoZone, Advance, Auto, Parts, O’Reilly and NAPA. 120 billion dollars in market share, they split up 30%.

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market share in the United States, the largest market value of the second largest auto retailer AutoZone, sitting on nearly 6000 stores, but also in the face of the right to speak upstream great. Although a strong line of auto parts from the Amazon rounded out the retail market, but due to the mode and industry characteristics, constitute a great threat to AutoZone in the short term. But AutoZone’s own revenue too much, relying on DIY business contribution, and DIFM gradually become the mainstream development trend of the industry at odds, the future if we increase DIFM business investment, development is still possible.


In addition to the acquisition of 5 companies in the late twentieth Century, with a total of nearly 1000 stores, the rest of the new stores have grown entirely in

self built stores based, mergers and acquisitions subsidiary

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. In recent years, the number of new 200 stores has grown at a high speed

in contrast, the annual sales of the first echelon of domestic auto retail companies are around $500 million, only a fraction of AutoZone.

founded more than 30 years, sitting on the auto retail industry, the top spot

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as an industry veteran, how to stand firm, consolidate the city, and steadily expand, this is all the challengers have to face the problem.

analysis with love today you deconstruct the development strategy, AutoZone business model, operation condition and so on, the history and current situation of AutoZone in order to better understand its future judgment on the trend of the face of internal and external competition, but also make reference to the domestic auto industry practitioners.

AutoZone is the largest U. S. market share, the market value of the second largest auto parts retailer, the market share of about 8.86%. Fiscal year 2016 gross profit and net profit double first, the net profit is more than third Advance Auto Parts, mainly due to the nearly 6000 directly operated stores under the line and facing upstream suppliers strong voice.


from the beginning of April this year, after a series of rectification supervisor and related departments, clean up illegal and a large number of pornographic websites, to a certain extent, improve the living environment of the Internet, the alliance also with this rectification stop to partner sites with traffic, and reopened in July; to this adjustment, alliance the dog for partners to open the flow to the industry to bring no small shock, with the flow of the way also changed by dog users click on download directly download page for the final switch with the flow of cooperation Station, more direct way; but this alliance will also all partners to clean up, currently being held in sun flow and to win gifts ", another" reporting prize "activities held at the same time, welcome webmaster enthusiastic participation.

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after the market, the old Dalian lock steady expansion, holding nearly 6000 direct store

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