B compared with love, follow the trend, see peer public number what is the function of copy, together with the needs of customers to sell products to customers, and to buy B generally has two kinds: one does not understand the WeChat marketing value, the two is cheap customers. Basically, customers who bought the products of the past could not have the tools to produce good value. Finally, second, constantly open up new customers, constantly selling low-priced products, a vicious circle. The number of customers will be able to make a deal so B Bijia, but few customers and renew cooperation again.

a new customer development program, increase optimization and exploration, from the original active marketing and advertising, access to customers, customer referrals and customers to learn their solutions

A and B are WeChat public number development of the third party service providers, in WeChat just popular public number of marketing development at the same time into this industry, began to tap the value of WeChat ecology. Let’s look at the difference between their product model and business model.


product model:

in China, many people study motivation is raw, is "impure"

editor’s note the author, micro-blog @ST_, wants to work harder, online education practitioners, once learned tyrants. The article pointed out that in his eyes, China’s online education bottleneck – because the traditional education of cancer, students motives are impure, learning tyrants is still the main audience. Welcome to your point of view.

online education are very attractive, such as elite school teachers, free tuition, high-quality content, and different learning experiences. Its biggest highlight is the allocation of limited teaching resources to an unlimited number of users. EdX founder Anant Agarwal said, "our goal is to give free as many people as possible the quality of university education, and to improve the quality of life of all mankind."." Such an idealistic vision, many people with the dream of a school can not do so, echocardiography.


, this is not a mistake in online education. I think these sites do well enough. But part of the subjective motive force of the "learning slag" user who does not have subjective motivation for learning is subjectively unwilling to accept, and it is very difficult to change in the short term.

the merchants used to be in the distance and the distance, that is, the intermediary or platform we are talking about. This eternal business law has not changed, but the intermediary has changed, more and more professional, more and more elite. The same is an intermediary, some people can make big money, and some people can only drink soup. Why is that,


below for everyone to make a comparative analysis:

business model:



mainly through the analysis of all walks of life with WeChat public, how to generate solutions in the actual values, and through the network meeting and offline meetings will spread these solutions, in order to attract people to buy the WeChat marketing system. Therefore, a sale is not WeChat public number development, sell is the solution. Solutions are products that solve problems and create value, and are more easily supported and trusted by enterprise customers.

first for everyone to resolve a business model, from this model, entrepreneurs mediocrity and distinction of excellence. As the saying goes, a mall is like a battlefield, and if you are not ready to win in battle when you start your business, you are the target.

is serving the enterprise, it also begins to involve in the planning and promotion of the whole network marketing for the enterprise, which makes its own resources, experience, professionalism and business scope continuously improved. The customer group of service rises from the store to the service of the group enterprise and the listed enterprise.

besides, there are many in China

MOOC MOOC and development of online education and training is very rapid, many platforms like bamboo shoots after a spring rain well-known websites emerge in general, including foreign Udacity, Cousera and edX, the domestic Bay networks, micro lesson nets, prospects for development can not be ignored. Many industry insiders believe that there is no leader in the online education platform, will become the next Internet growth and competition focus.

Many advantages of

after all, the spontaneous learning motivation is irreplaceable. Online education, after all, is only a supplementary tool that can not replace the desire of people to help themselves to study, nor can they force students to open their websites and listen to lectures. As in recent years, To-do class mobile applications emerge in endlessly, but even if such a variety of applications, but it can not replace the user itself, so that To-do things done. Information technology will always play the role of an assistant. In the information age, people’s will is as important as before.

a product and solutions will mature after the beginning of recruitment channels, so that the channel to complete the rest of the country’s other enterprise services. They do technological innovations, R & D and marketing solutions for innovative upgrades. And then through the network integrated marketing planning, publicity and packaging of brand image. Customer engagement and market share continue to climb.

A combination of

In recent years

however, back to reality, not everyone is so excited, to insist on the completion of these courses? Whether or not love learning "dumbass" who also fell in love with the class, in the virtual classroom before you

obviously not. Since that "half Curve Wrecker" the last open Netease Open Class is around half a year before; and more young people, because of their studies or work pressure and careless of all the famous university quality open course, not to mention access to other online learning website.