if you think of a company as a person, you can see the ability of the person through some indicators. Adding the company’s capacity index to the number is the company’s capacity index; the amount of time each person works adds up to the number of people, which is the company’s time index.

time density

It is very difficult for

4 – cash flow and profits are far more important than revenues,

in the modern industry, competition ability, competition time, to see who can realize the user needs in a shorter period of time, through the struggle to achieve fast, fast through to achieve the ultimate, ultimate realization by expanding market share.

in business, trust is very important, especially in the establishment of good relationships with suppliers, customers and employees. But everyone has his faults – most people seek to maximize their own interests. Therefore, learn to study them when dealing with them. You have to try to understand everyone’s psychology, motivation, and the key. Identify project deliverables for each employee, so you can follow the accountability system to tell the truth from the lies.

1 – don’t let tax sneak on you, do tax planning every month,



in the service industry, often negotiating with you is not suitable for the other party to hold his position. They probably got the job just because they knew someone, or just got a college degree. You should meet people like this in your career these people are not suitable for their positions. They are a disaster for the service you are offering to other companies. They don’t have enough experience to make the right decisions, and they don’t have the final say in the company. This can lead to inefficient time management and loss of business profits.

density is a major difference between technology companies and traditional companies, including capital density, talent density and time density, etc. Here we focus on talent density and time density.

talent density

work time, the greater the time density, and the gains from the work results are exponential.

The longer the

I dark horse: Lei Jun millet experience summed up as "seven word formula" – focused, extreme, word of mouth, fast. However, this kind of summary is more like surface induction. After all, to the executive level, it will involve funds, talents, systems, ideas and so on. If we compare the technology companies and the traditional companies from these detailed levels, we will find that density is the key to realize the "seven character formula".

good teams will become better, mediocre teams will become mediocre. From the psychological, excellent team a sense of superiority, has the sense of achievement, resulting in self driving; mediocre team has been immersed in the frustration inside, can only rely on money driven, in order to complete the work as the goal, to produce excellent results.

assumes a situation. The A group and the B group had the same ability index, the A group took one day off for each day of work, and lasted 30 natural days. The B group worked 15 natural days for 15 days. The work of the B group will be far greater than the A group because the intermediate work is continuous and exponentially improved, but the work of the A group

to put together good people. It is not necessary to keep the light together. It is necessary to constantly increase the density through squeezing. The scale is not the most important, the density is the most important. In order to enhance the density of talents, we need to create a good environment, which is far more productive than investment.


is a simple mathematical problem, but if you ignore such a simple accounting problem, your business is bound to fail. The revenue figures are really good: they may be cash, or accounts receivable – you must be excited when you see the signs of these dollars. As you know, revenues are costing you your product, and the costs involved are your profits. Successful CEO will focus on achieving profitability, so that you can continue to invest, product diversification, enterprises can grow.

if a company has a high index of ability and a high time index, it will have a competitive advantage over a period of competition. This extra point, lead income is much higher than the cost, so even in the first tier cities such a high cost of the following, still in droves, because the high density of income is much greater than the cost.

3 – always identify the relevant person in charge,

when you start Create Company, your first priority must be for your income. The same is true with me, of course, but also make sure that my company continues to develop without VC investment or loans. Looking back over the years of the day and night in the basement in the struggle, indeed experienced a lot of things, and many of them are never in my mind before the start of the.

2 – People’s lies

has a high density of talent, a high team capacity index, low communication costs and low learning costs, which will yield an exponential level of revenue.

when you Create Company, you seek profits, or at least break even. And once you begin to have revenues, government agencies will step in. Whether you like it or not, when you create a profit model, remember that part of the revenue will be included in the tax. So when it comes to raising the profits of your product and service, do a good job of planning how much revenue you want after you throw out the tax. Make a quarterly tax plan so you don’t meet the next quarter with a few thousand dollars in debt.