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99 new members recruitment activities began,

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Author: Wang Jian,

is here. Admin5 has been learning so much for so long. But he’s been diving. We thank the Admin5 forum, provide a lot of resources for the new station hands.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

now join 99 bookstore, 39 yuan can choose 3 books, at least save 39 yuan!

members of the League:

activity time: 2008.2.21 ~ 2008.3.31

in addition, during the event by the CHANet guide to the new registered users 99 Bookstore membership orders over 30 yuan, site owners can receive an additional 2 yuan commission rebate, and the order in accordance with the proportion of the original CPS can still have commissions.

active page: 99read/user/RecruitActivity2.aspx? Msc=99zx080221

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


the latest Baidu phoenix nest door incident and the outbreak of the record gate, so many webmaster bitter sorrow. These two emergencies, to the webmaster brought great losses. Is it really an accident? I don’t think so. Phoenix nest gate should be carefully planned by Baidu for SEO’s important move. Now, something like that will happen later on. So SEO will recover the original simplicity, not for SEO and seo. To be a natural seo. Actually, it’s not difficult to do a good job of SEO. See how I do it.

my station, set up only two months, three major search engines included are normal, basically updated every day, how much will be included. Baidu snapshot is updated every day. I update the website regularly, collect some articles from related forums, and then change the title, as long as the meaning close to. Of course, you can also add, delete, you can. Each collection changes 20 articles or so. The content of the article, because I have limited time, just intercept some of the main content. Modify the details. Try to delete the links from the site. The revised content generally means the closest to the original, avoiding the sentence impassability. You can’t lose user experience because of seo. It is recommended not to use pseudo original generators.

in this "Baidu revolution", my station passed smoothly, not only did not K station, spider or daily patronage included my station. Talk about the construction of the site chain, new station is best not to add too many links, I suggest the best not more than 20. Go to other relevant forum everyday, send the soft Wen that has oneself website link, attract spider to the greatest extent. Let the search engine know that your station is alive. Later, due to the involvement of the record gate, my station’s server was disconnected last night. It was restored this morning. Fortunately, the site has nothing to lose. Helpless ah, small and medium-sized Adsense are being led by these space providers, there is no initiative. After this broken line, I hope you all buy space when you don’t buy the same product. Make sure you backup data regularly. Otherwise, one day the space is unstable, or the space business goes on foot, cry all have no tears. The Internet never believes in tears. The above is my personal experience of summing up. Article writing is not good, I hope everyone will communicate with me. Be a dream newbie.

more League information goes on: http://s.top.admin5/u


welcome the website owner to continue to support the 99 bookstore,

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