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mode in the operation of the website is, then earn advertising fees, the general method of operation is the station traffic bigger, and then put on the alliance advertising or monthly advertising, this operation is very hard to earn. We want to earn advertising fees, do not have to work so hard, we must learn to reverse thinking, first of all types of online advertising, and then based on online advertising to do web site, so that much easier. At present, there are four major types of online advertising:

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one. Make a website to make advertising fee,

1.CPC click on the ads, such as shlf1314, sh419, Ali mother alliance alliance are the basic types of this type of advertising, we all understand that at a time from several to tens of dollars, here suggest the shlf1314 alliance English station. An English station, you can make the flow of 10 thousand per day, ten thousand dollars a month is very easy, and here you may say I don’t understand English, how to do?

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

for the partial data that is abnormal, we will update it at the fastest time, with the final release data as the standard.

3.CPS sales commission, CPS practices and CPA practices, the most fire to Taobao customers, now is the side of the Red Sea, and other customers, leading foreign advertising alliance, G, even more, such as CJ, Amazon etc.. As long as you compare the product range >

2.CPA download registration class, CPA done, and a station can also get very high income, such as a software download rankings do up, every month brings income is still very impressive. The CPA key is to find good advertising guide project, then SEO or advertising or money are very easy, in the future CPA ads will be more and more, so that more and more opportunities, but when you do a high-profile, low-key, the items you do will be finished soon.

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At present, many webmaster

if you want to do English garbage station, English bad still can do ah, anyway, your website is to SEO traffic, the user cannot read, CTR can not be higher? The key is to have no interest in doing. You will ask how 10 thousand traffic every day possible? Then you do 100 stations, is not big, then, one day a station 5 dollars, 100 stops is $500. Here is a premise that a little money, did not do station experience, not recommended for you to do, I used to do 5-6 Chinese garbage station, a month GG also has more than 2000, and later the server has been bad, gave up.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

in check before, suspend the release of alliance performance Duba installation. But the amount of installation that has occurred will be kept as it is. Please don’t worry.

as the last statistics platform database server is upgrading Duba, part of the data in November 30, 2007 is abnormal, significantly less than the previous installation.

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with the popularity of SEO, more and more people understand SEO, all kinds of online SEO training flying all over the sky, here recommended for novice to learn SEO or professional training places, SEO is now a mess, the wrong place, hurt money and trouble. Many people learn some fur, everywhere to recruit students, selfish people too much, with the training have the Wangzhuan liar. Many people learn SEO, confused, and do not know how to use SEO to make money, today, here mainly on three models:

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