first of all, sh419 concentrates what readers want most;

said to the Hong Kong stock market problems, such as low valuation, poor liquidity, stock…… And so forth, a bunch, but what’s the core of that?

Internet researcher

in my opinion, there is only one: good target, that is, a good listed company, fewer and fewer. In particular, the Internet Co, which represents the new economy, is almost rare.

if you just stare at the eyes of the small abacus, so as to make investment on the basis of one-sided viewpoint.


from the side reflects on the Hong Kong stock market outstanding listed companies is very rare, but Hong Kong stocks dot shares obvious fault, unreasonable distribution, large volume of only one Tencent, the volume is only one Jinshan, the rest are basically the following small > 10 billion

milestone redemption significance

had a large amount of money and I complained, said to their funds, not Hong Kong Internet sector is that they can buy tickets for the largest two Tencent and Jinshan, and his usual main work is focusing on the Tencent, and then updated quarterly forecast is gone, a very simple and boring work, the door also boring qiaomuyu buford.

has a certain height overlooking: when we look long term, when the angle of view again, we will find that the beauties of the Hong Kong stock market listing, for the future, for the majority of ordinary investors, for the activation of China in venture capital, for the transformation of China’s economy, are is salvation.

 :     sh419 news has a lot of profit models to go, but for now, maybe they think it’s the best way to get the readers to change advertising mode. So, now, we can see the sh419 news channel have been from the beginning of the occasional brand advertising a has been a brand advertising, today is from top to bottom, a total of 7 ad plus 1 small brand advertising a total of 8.
      the sh419 news ad is really on the market! So what’s the difference between sh419 news ads and other portal ads?
      we have to carefully analyze:
      one; sh419 news is different from the five major portals NetEase, Sina, Sohu, TOM, home page.
      the five major gateway home page is to pile to the home page are piled to the home page, the original thought is how to do the flow, no matter what the nature of flow.
      while sh419 is the news home page is simple and clearly divided into a few blocks, that is, news classification, which is equivalent to the news portal affiliate channels.


Mito in 18 this month the day before yesterday through the HKEx hearing, it is estimated that soon after the start of the prospectus, is expected to be listed, will become Hongkong’s second largest Internet Co after Tencent. Mito is also unique, he is the first large-scale Internet companies in Hong Kong stocks, but also in my long and short investment in Hong Kong stocks memory, the first loss of listed companies.

      secondly, sh419 segments the reader strictly through the news block, somewhere in the front of the page;

I always answer is: Mito listed, not just a company IPO so simple. It could be a landmark change in Hongkong’s multilateral salvation.

redemption one: Redemption of the Hong Kong stock market

      what’s the secret of doing so?


when we focus on the long-term, when looking at a higher point of view, we will find that the beauties of the Hong Kong stock market listing, for the future, for the majority of ordinary investors, for the activation of China venture capital for economic transformation China, are called important salvation.

      finally, sh419 news block and simple way to achieve centralized home compromise meet advertisers advertisers to vanity at present home identity is extremely high, but also in line with the spread of information era needs of readers.
      two, sh419 confirms this truth "snatched from the jaws of death".
      sh419 news to machine search as the core, rather than the five major gateway to manual editing as the core. According to the rules of the world, sh419 can not have news text pages, then sh419 can stick to the reader’s range is very narrow! of course, now you pay the "protection fee", you can do the news. However, if sh419 repeated portal of the old, seems to be fraught with grim possibilities. That is to say, advertising >

maybe a lot of people just put the beauties of loss listed as a not according to the traditional rules of manipulation, a case, or someone like speculation, venture capital exit is under pressure to move.

a lot of people ask me how to look at Mito’s IPO,