entrepreneurship is like throwing dice

Tencent news Deng Ruihong, Han Yimin recently, Tencent science and technology edited a new book "lessons" officially released. In the book launch, and founder and CEO Freya Lim and the audience to share his entrepreneurial experience. Freya Lim stressed that, encountered plagiarism, entrepreneurs do not care too much about the gains and losses, as long as running fast enough, opponents simply can not copy.

many startups in the start-up period, when financing, will encounter different opinions with the investment institutions. In this regard, Freya Lim believes that financing should have the correct expectations, and investment emphasis on fate, both sides feel that the other party is appropriate.

2, shaoanwuzao. When one day you have a good idea in your head, when you feel very excited, please put the idea aside for the rest of the time. After a month or so, when you think of the idea again, if you’re still very excited, then you can’t help but turn idea into reality. Only through the cooling period, can stand the test of time, the idea is really good idea, otherwise it is just a whim, it is difficult to keep the momentum.

below is a summary of Freya Lim’s speech:

business can learn a lot of things, but there is no way to predict the future will to succeed at what time, so the beginning in the middle of the process of exploration, to enjoy a lot of fun. Starting from the "day time", the basic is money, people, money, people’s round of circulation.

said the business, we all feel that this is a matter I also believe that a commonplace talk of an old scholar, everyone for how to start off. But it is sometimes quite bitchy, even a lot of truth has repeat, let people sniff at, can not help but fall into the trap, and then began to regret his day should face up to regret a previous mistake, not the wrong. So, in order to stimulate the memory of everyone, Xiao Bian also want to talk about entrepreneurship, and first look at the two eyes, to count the small series of support, do not want to see on the bar, the small series do not insist on oh.

4, pull together. In the early days of the company, you will meet people who don’t understand you. Sometimes, the world will be cruel enough to leave you alone, even questioning your voice. This time, please trust the people who are around you. These are the same people have a common goal with you, have the same action, as the boss, you strengthen my mind to know, only believe in yourself, you can convince others, bring to your loyal warrior, fighting battlefield. Success will one day favor you,

3, believe in yourself. When you decide to start a business, think about what you might encounter, happy, sad, good, bad…… Don’t think too well about the future. You know, when you really start doing something, you’re bound to meet all kinds of difficulties. If the bottleneck knocks at the door, please insist. A famous man once said excuse me, my brain is not good, forget who: people are dying in the forefront of success. You know, when you come to the end, your head will come, you will find a way, There is a way out. And that is the reason, the protracted war is to hold the "promise" of the spirit. If your idea is really good, I hope you can keep it up and don’t give up easily.

team is the key to the initial stage of entrepreneurship. In the process, he said, "people are never enough" and "people are not strong enough" are often encountered. A partner needs to have two basic factors: ability, complementarity and equal rights."

Abstract Freya Lim stressed that encountered plagiarism, entrepreneurs do not care too much about the gains and losses, as long as running fast enough, opponents simply can not copy.

5, before resorting to force. A person who starts a business can run into a big problem, because he has limited power, so he will find a partner and find a friend


looking for someone to change road

entrepreneurship, whether it’s successful sharing or failure to share, my view is that there is no way to start a business, there is nothing inevitable. Every venture, like a dice, may be a dice from the one hundred throw, to the six throw of the dice, and even to a coin, the two sides of the dice, the success rate may not be the same.

The formation of

about plagiarism". He believes that, encountered plagiarism, entrepreneurs do not care too much about gains and losses, should focus on the product. "As long as we can make sure that we are fast enough and our competitors can’t copy it, we can go down.". But if you only have one, then someone copied you, you do not have second things, you can let others copy, in this case, your chances of failure will be relatively large." Freya Lim concluded.

change: first, to have the right expectations. You can’t get a lot of money in the beginning. When valuing, the investor is most concerned about the team, which is >

1, entrepreneurship should find the right direction. Someone once said that if you can find a job you like, you should be happy every morning between 9 and 6. Find another person who loves you, and you will be happy every day between 6 and 9 a. m.. And entrepreneurship is a protracted war, the need to not abandon, do not give up the little cockroach spirit, if not even do poineering work is not their favorite, then you must be painful every day, purely to find their own crimes. So please find what you like to do, let your hobbies accompany you to kill youth and fight the world.

Freya Lim believes there is no sure way to start a business. "Every venture is like a throw of the dice, from the dice one hundred times to the flip of a coin. The two sides of the dice may have different success rates."." But he concluded that starting from the angel stage, entrepreneurship is basically a "money man money man" cycle.

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