BannerPlay has created a whole new advertising ecosystem.

BannerPlay is popular because it’s easy to use. The company, which has only 6 people, has become a formidable competitor for shlf1314. Calderon points to more and more advertising orders, saying it is the result of its easy operation and professional advertising. In addition, customers can also add their own code in banner ads.

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real estate tycoon Trump used this sentence to railway magnate Vanderbilt encounter in the takeover Yili stocks when malicious cash: "competition has become intense, nobody knows the cruelty, sometimes you don’t even notice, because in your back is a shameful plot".

BannerPlay hopes to create an advertising ecosystem that integrates designers, developers, advertisers and consumers. "When you choose shlf1314>

"motivation" is one of my queries.

Calderon said: "the operation of BannerPlay is so simple that it takes only 5 minutes to complete the advertising production.". We provide customers with a large number of advertising templates, as well as on-demand customized advertising services for customers." BannerPlay advertising template is very interesting, such as a wheel of fortune, crossword puzzles, enables advertisers and consumers more interactive.


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if the starting point is the small orange and yellow in feelings, then follow into the latter, inevitably mixed with many "shameful" conspiracy. After all, the essence of business is profit, from business model perspective sharing bicycle is obviously not a good choice, v-mobile founder Hu Weiwei once with a "now not to think about how to reveal the mystery of the euphemism" profit.


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BannerPlay is to bring designers and game developers to this advertising ecosystem. For example, if a designer’s template is adopted, the designer can get a certain amount of revenue after every click of the ad line.

but I don’t think about the car similar to the network type policies across the board will be shared to the greatest enemy bike seven brothers, because before this, there have been three "not torture" waiting for the share who fought the bicycle.

BannerPlay, head of marketing Niv Calderon said: "BannerPlay" banner advertising system is very simple, do not need to hire a designer can design exquisite advertising, and then choose the media, we also provide analysis tools. BannerPlay provides one-stop service to our customers."

it is said that sharing the bike "seven rainbow" has basically taken shape, and the colors for the new friends are really not much. Thankfully, the color is not only a few big bike sharing brand difference: small orange yellow yiyanbuge talk love feelings, on the sea of white, more creative, PR level in a sh419 to tap water forcibly… Gourd seven brothers recount battle snake both visual sense can make people look forward to their "big ending".

for small and medium enterprises, it is not easy to carry out advertising marketing on the Internet with a small amount of money. Although both shlf1314 and Facebook can provide advertising services for small businesses, web banners are still being held by big, powerful enterprises, and small businesses are simply not. To this end, the Israeli enterprise BannerPlay began to provide professional banners advertising services for SMEs, the use of pay per click model.

BannerPlay is that it allows you to change ad campaigns in real time and change your ad content or ad position at any time.


in ancient Egyptian mythology, Ausili J was an enlightened king after death, become the king of the underworld, the executor can get eternal life after death: if the trial is the heart and feathers as heavy as that before the undead character; if the heart weight to justice and weight, that’s dead is a wicked, his heart will be crocodile monster Amter eaten, the ghost will suffer the fate of the doomed eternally.

BannerPlay banner ads, you can also implant YouTube video, contact information, Facebook’s "praise" button, etc.. Calderon says it can be marketing even without clicking on advertising.

unfortunately, there is little animation in the business world.

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this conclusion is not difficult to deduce, Hu Weiwei in the design and manufacture of v-mobile bicycle before hand calculations, to estimate the approximate cost for a four year free maintenance of traditional bicycle. Later, she was in <

I do not know is out of inertia, or some do not have the idea of speculation, the industry has been intentionally or unintentionally sharing bicycles and the previous special car wars classified as a category. Indeed, before the provisions of network about cars introduced, Car Wars should be a happy ending: most of the participants are portrayal of hospice and decent exit; ordinary users can enjoy a year long cheap car; seemingly suffered injustice of the capital is also pleased that burn war ended, everyone can finally sit down and talk about the market in a calm mood.