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‘s grassroots webmaster of the site is my hobby, but also can be said to be second of my occupation, I also saw a lot of people complaining, how to pay, but did not return something like this, these people feel is not never seen their pay is not really used a real, real is really in the pay, I personally think that as long as you are in love, really want to do something, even if finally did not succeed, it will not go around to promote their own experience of failure, because after all, by a pleasant process


cut to the chase, as a local industry portal, I believe that we must first determine the industry you choose must be familiar to you, it will be more effective, adapt to an industry may be 32 days, but if a deep industry is probably three years or more of the time. I choose to do the decoration industry portal, I have been engaged in decoration design work from the past 02 years, although not veteran, but for the home improvement industry greatly small things also know a pretty close, so this industry website is very necessary for me. At the very least, it’s easy to get started.


industry is selected, and then make sure you are mainly for the crowd, the crowd in different regions is not the same, even the same industry portal, I think it is necessary to do a market survey, because the direction, at least we can save a lot of effort, go a lot less detour. Take my site, I do is Zhuozhou decoration mesh I in the first half of 06 began to work in Zhuozhou, Zhuozhou’s geographical position is special, although only a county, but because adjacent to Beijing, has brought great impact to the local economic development and material development, Zhuozhou real estate and real estate in Beijing there is no way than, so many Beijing workers choose home buyers in Zhuozhou. There are some people in Zhuozhou is also home to their home because second, leisure, holiday, the Zhuozhou real estate hot detonated rising of the local decoration industry, but one thing is clear, working in Beijing, Zhuozhou in the decoration, good performance, many people rely on the network to get some information at that time, Zhuozhou decoration industry network is not very perfect, so many customers are looking for the blind (during many of my clients have suggested this topic, said that if there is a website is good, not a Saturday hastily ran to Zhuozhou, blind blind turn), said much more, hear more, I also began to pay attention to this part, but for me, it is very strange, I program code, so I started utterly ignorant of Hey! A city Field investigation, that is, in the free space registered a page, Zhuozhou decoration related where, and later this page traffic has been very good, but also really brought me a lot of customers. Then I came to some source code, began to research and analysis, 07 years in May, began to officially put it on the internet. The reaction is very good, because many columns are carefully chosen, all of them are >