recently, Zhang Juan, general manager of 56 networks dialogue Tencent science and technology reporter once mentioned, "video sites can not achieve profitability during the year."". So, what is the reason she said this? As the domestic Internet video site third big brother, 56 nets in the year can not realize profit, other video sites and how to achieve counter attack,


video network can not achieve profitability during the year, 56 networks a month from big brother became "small three" unfortunately

arguably, when watching the video become an entertainment users surf the Internet after the chat, the owners to bring traffic should be immeasurable, but when the 56 nets general manager Zhang Juan in an interview with reporters received Tencent, but not mentioned during the realization of profit, this is why?

56, the first ever trading sit tight video site, but due to an accident in 2008, the site was forced to suspend operations for 30 days. And this is the short 30 days, 56 nets from gangster position was pulled down. Even the late 56 came back, made countless efforts (continuous publicity, and even later and strategic cooperation), still cannot regain the glory of the past. 56 net "dismount" indicates the video site of the "customer" is not easy to loss, once suffered the loss of customers, then poaching is not so simple.

is down two "qualifying", nature can not underestimate this two qualifying, because "three" and "one" seems just two steps, but in two the top but means that the two level, this also explains the video site number, but also shows the high quality the video site is not a few.

wanted to "live" no way, because MP4 could not connect to the Internet from the mobile industry or eliminated, will drive the development of

Video Site

because of many video sites, and high maintenance costs, difficulties (large space), resulting in the video site can not be profitable situation. So, what are the ways to break out of video sites? Here are a few examples of the development of video sites in china.

first, Youku potatoes to eat potatoes interpretation of the story, the soaring price of story; secondly, 56 nets and hooked on, let 56 Network Traffic doubled, and recently began to spread to PPS drifting profusely and disorderly and Baidu marriage rumors. These video giant strong combination of marketing methods, brings the spring to the video site.

powerful combination, but lead to stronger, let video site show is "how strong" situation, and this situation will be very unfavorable to some small video site development. So, the small video site and what means should be used to achieve breakout,


with the development of the mobile era, there is no "antenna" MP4, because it can not achieve interconnection with the Internet, real-time broadcast and other factors, but also slowly