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network continues, the opportunities are constantly on the Internet, who will carefully tap some of the opportunities around it, and the organic combination of the network, will be a treasure. At the beginning of the article, why I use these 2 words, listen to my arrival, I’m fond of studying network but, love this stuff, I have a friend who is engaged in the door, often let me help him do website promotion on the Internet, it is simple to some websites send free information, forums, blog posts, but there are still some harvest. After all, he is in the door industry, and also do a few years, and know that door maintenance is a blank market, there is no professional team, no one manufacturer willing to repair for another manufacturer. Discuss with me, let me set up a door maintenance website for him. I was thinking, it really is a blank, spare time for him to design a door repair site, type and column design maintenance business are set up and my friend on the "gate maintenance", "revolving door maintenance", "garage door maintenance".

may you still don’t know why I took the revolving door maintenance settings, for example, a symbol of the revolving door belongs to office buildings, hotels, hotels or office building quality, installation of the revolving door enterprises are mostly manufacturers directly responsible for the installation, the local engineering company just as a matchmaker, earn a profit over the middle. A lot of warranty, then go, no accessories not how the tube technique. Then, the installation side to find maintenance personnel everywhere, but this kind of door maintenance is more professional, do not want to repair anti-theft door is so simple, it is out of this consideration, all choose revolving door maintenance service project. Others are similar.

The layout of

website uses the way that information website combines with enterprise website to build, the feeling that enterprise website gives the client is professional. The mode of the information website is a good representation for the search engine, and the information concentration is the information related to the maintenance of the door industry. The key words will not be promoted and will naturally be placed at the forefront of the search engine. The domain name is (meaning "a") good memory, think this domain name is pretty good.

not wordy, talk about the site after the completion of the effect, the website for 2 weeks, Baidu has not included, found the reason, which is a registered after the abandonment of the domain name, Google reflect particularly good, has a collection of more than 400 articles, the ranking is also good, on the total number of about 30 people this figure, may be very small, but the site early I am very satisfied, don’t forget this kind of website customer conversion rate is high, the visit I estimate at the age of 100, my friends certainly busy Oh, I think this is a very good opportunity, the opportunity is really hard to find. Seize the key,


article wrote here, the end, the site continues, there are new discoveries in a timely manner to share, and share with you.

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