everyone knows, the user experience for the development of the web site has a pivotal role. A good user experience of the site, not only to win the search engine like, but also to bring you a group of loyal users. For users, a good website is not simply about how excellent its program is, nor is it to see how beautifully its artists do, and more to see how good its overall user experience is.

from grassroots webmaster breeding to the Internet everywhere grassroots today, the site’s user experience has been the majority of webmaster friends study and see the topic. Men are not saints, we can not put the user experience to the extreme, but we can try to overtake as much as we can to improve. From the beginning of the site to the present, has been considering how to improve the user experience, after several years of hard work and accumulation, it will be how to improve the user experience to make a few little views.

, a website color collocation should be reasonable, do not let the user see stars; site layout should be neat and clear, don’t let the user feel into the Huarong road; using the font size and the thickness of the web to grasp, don’t let the user ignores the key content, let users in your web site to enjoy the visual pleasure of him.

two, website advertisement layout should be reasonable and moderate. The user is extremely offensive ads everywhere, pop cloth full screen, and can let antivirus software scream website, in this website for 1 minutes or more users may not be computer illiteracy is idiotic.. advertising is the source of many personal Adsense revenue, but don’t forget, the user is your source of steady income the advertisement picture! Not too big nor too offbeat, it can ensure rapid loading and integration into the website.

three, site navigation and links to facilitate ease of use. Do not let the user search for a long time, that is, he can not find the content, do not know where to live, confused in your web site "lost.". Site maps can be very good for users to guide the direction of considerable value.

four, let users interact on your website. Resolutely do not do death sites, contributions, comments, friends, forums, is to allow users to move up an important weapon. Membership registration and comments are simplified as much as possible.

five, a reasonable control of target=_blank, do not let your website rape the entire user’s taskbar, which not only caused confusion to the user, but also increased the site’s concurrency. It’s best to make an icon like DZ and decide whether to open it in the new window by the user.

six, website updates frequently, the content of the site should be novel, allowing users to quickly find the key content, recommendations and the latest content.

seven, users encounter problems in use, you can quickly contact the webmaster. Stationmaster is very busy, I can understand, but the user may not understand. Stop being a hermit, and make a message board.

eight, conditional on some regular membership activities, such as lottery, T building, party can be >