is currently about Baidu believes that many webmaster friends of the first sentence is "Speechless reaction" since Baidu evolving from the green algorithm, in February 2 the pomegranate algorithm until Scindapsus algorithm, resulting in many web site is K or drop right, if it is in violation of these algorithms caused by K, is completely understandable, after all, Baidu is not only to safeguard their own interests, it is more important to the final purification of the entire network environment, conducive to the use of Baidu search engine users can more precisely and quickly find their own needs, there are a large number of stations being injured but the algorithm updates at each time, especially many deadly in the update at the end of July, some owners are very dissatisfied, including the < > Baidu everywhere in the group call, saying "I" the station did not cheat, how Will be right down ah, again is harming……… This time I was very depressed, but what can ah, who called us to rely on Baidu! I only in accordance with the original plan optimization techniques to do, can not really believe in breaking the rules, Baidu will given the recovery.

But the current

optimization on the sale of coffee machine site is down right now since more than a month, only content optimization strategies in this month of the author, not a chain, and the quality of keep the content, maintain daily timing quantitative update within the station, < the author is the morning update four high quality articles > after this period of time to be of course the weight has not recovered, but from the beginning not included and index and snapshot, until now these have been. The snapshot is updated very quickly now. It’s

the next day


from the above data analysis can be drawn, I optimize the sale of coffee machine site still have the opportunity to restore weight, the above data is also a weight recovery of the most basic expression. I will stick to that the station will be more wonderful.

The above

may have a lot of irregularities, hope the webmaster friends some personal views of the author. At the same time give inappropriate, like to take this opportunity to wish stationmaster friends in the SEO industry have a bright future.

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