days ago, a strange friend an email and blog message got me moved and thought.


, the blogger, sends

postcard to his loyal readers

originally, I have the honor to become one of this year’s friend blog 15 most faithful reader, at the turn of the year, he hopes I will address, your name to him, he will be through the traditional way of greeting cards, New Year wishes and thank him from afar sent from Holland.

though it is just a postcard, but Trinidad send goose, counts, so the traditional way of blessing that I naturally think of the friend’s blog, impressive — you know, I have several months not logged on to the friend’s blog.

even more surprising is that although I have not logged in to this friend’s blog for more than half a year, I have become one of the readers who have left the most messages on his blog. This shows that now the era of social marketing is not well-known grassroots webmaster (bloggers) – today the embarrassing situation of information dissemination the main characteristics of the mass information, fragmentation, the moment, the audience attention degree is low, not to mention the sustained attention, not well-known grassroots website (blog) loyal users of high turnover rate — for example, some of the original my blog outside the chain recommend my blog friends for a long time did not come.

of course, the phenomenon of individual customer churn is an inevitable phenomenon in the operation of the website. But normal is not necessarily inevitable, the difference between a few successful and most unsuccessful is here.

we all know today’s social marketing era marketing first, attaches great importance to the marketing work of good wine is also afraid of deep alley, only high quality original content is not unique, continue to adhere to the high quality of the unique original content does not guarantee that you will win the user favor, this is just to win the basis of users only, you must also be in your own unique way of marketing themselves, enhance the user’s impression of you.

and marketing is not just to attract users to our website (blog) is done, whether it is marketing goods or brand marketing, blog marketing industry or compete for the right to speak, is not a short-lived business will fix, for today’s "low value price" for the characteristics of network marketing, more only several back customers can generate profits, therefore, the network marketing needs tough fight.

especially for the vast majority of unknown primary sites, sustainable marketing is more important, but also unique and interesting, attractive, can really achieve the marketing objective: apply the British aesthetician Clive · the famous "definition of beauty beauty is to taste the form of Baer", the highest level of marketing is "to have that the form of marketing is truly successful marketing". >