Again, everyone film and television come back, remember this is everyone’s film and television several times return, but this time and before are different, everyone film and television renamed "everyone’s American drama" transformation of American drama community.

resource station transition interest community, into


from everyone in the film is currently published by the recruitment information, all television Yuzuo online community, and will carry out the organization and activities associated with the film online, and will create a mobile terminal products. From everyone in the film home of the announcement, the community will provide TV series information, schedule, ratings, drama and other functions, the mobile terminal is estimated to have similar products.

looks like everyone wants to create an interesting social platform.

, but first of all, regardless of the drama information or schedule, are the surrounding information of American drama, not enough to support the community’s login and discussion needs. Internet users are very practical, before the use of everyone’s film and television websites, in order to download, American subtitles are hard demand, the other is secondary. Secondly, everyone in the film and television propaganda claims to 20 million people, although the U.S. drama gradually popular in Chinese, but there are not so many fans do not say, you can play from the U.S. drama video site data, drama groups or niche markets. And because the subtitle group homogeneity, go to the garden of Eden, ragbear, soft wind, deep shadows, the tree house can also download, everyone in the film and the caption group are related to BBS, but micro-blog and WeChat would not impact the irrigation event. At the same time, interest communities, not to mention paste and watercress, and even unfamiliar street would like to share a cup of soup.

the problem that everyone can’t move around: policy, copyright, labor remuneration,

1. policy issues. SARFT has begun to implement the "outer limit order", return to play video website in 2015 2015 launched a drama and because of violation of the provisions of the shelf, and overseas drama there are certain restrictions, all video sites do if the American or British drama, certainly can not meet the requirements of the official.

2. copyright issues. Video copyright is a money pit, even the largest Youku video platform video sites are not profitable, in order to boil rivals Internet Co had to hold the thigh to get capital, innovation works does not seem to pay huge royalties for the company, so the purchase of copyright for everyone in the film or innovation works are not realistic. Even the news content is compiled, the use of images is a troublesome thing, but obviously, if you want to continue to make everyone in the film "influence" will carry on the subtitle translation in such things, or the rope walk, in the hope that people do not give officials do not study.

3. legal issues. Can everyone in the film repeatedly escaped check before, because the domain name registered in foreign countries, and also outside the founder could not handle him so. Now after the change of settings, the use of all film and television "reputation" to make money, but unfortunately, Fu rely on the blessing of misfortune, and if there is copyright disputes, corporate legal can not run out.