started the school website since 2001, visited many sites, often global forum community at that time, the impression of K666, blue and so on are often go to the iraqis. Now there are blue Iraqi account.

years have passed. Now still engaged in their favorite work — website construction. K666 didn’t know when it was closed, but I only read it last time on CHINAZ.COM.. It’s kind of sad.

and her blue, over the past few years. The webmaster has a mother, have been busy to take care of the forum, before many things, not just a forum so simple — now inside is still like 01 years when the same age children. The questions about the posts are all the same as I did at that time. It doesn’t make any sense to me now.

turns blue. Really ideal, very suitable for me. Also suitable for most of the webmaster or related employees.

now, we will discuss why, why some sites fell, and some sites are maintained, and some sites are still very prosperous,


I think there are the following points:

the first point is that you insist! Whether it is doing a website or doing anything, you must stick to it. Just as with entrepreneurship, stick to one thing and you will succeed.

second, keep up with the times. You can’t always keep your original status without progress, or you’ll stay at that initial stage forever. Of course, I do not deny that blue still has her advantages, because there are still many friends who have been with us at that time to seek knowledge, and they need their content at that stage. I want to say, if people like blue blue dream, time and information synchronization, always pay attention to the latest focus, it is absolutely a blue person.

third points, good at business! This is a little bit of a standard. Just went to the jz173 forum, looked at the next, the popularity of cold and cheerless to death, online 10 people, 2 members, 8 tourists. Arguably, they had developed a forum system of their own should flow more large is now, but more deserted. But why? As far as I know, the stationmaster is now a father class figure. I think I have no time to attend to them. And the main station advertising is still a lot, is it only concerned about the main station of the ad included, without considering the needs of many users of the forum,


is difficult to accept and difficult to understand.

anti think my own web site, from the initial registration of this domain name, in order to make the class site, to now do your own website, during also walked a lot of detours.

before that, did a lot of content on websites, forums, free movies, what, and most of all, that!