accidentally saw a webmaster to sell their own web site, young Adsense station, with curiosity, I went to him, and then there are some very interesting things, please continue to look down, we share together.

his prologue: my name is Y2K, I opened a small cafe now, there is enough time, but the environment is not good, the business than before the light, so you want to switch! (I thought: the Internet, should be very good, as far as I know, the fish seem outdated is the Internet! Why would he want to sell the station, switch to engage what)

followed by his own statement: "I have done 2 years," plum forum ", now hanging a Trojan horse, because of the time relationship, has not been engaged, cleared N times, after each removal was suspended. Now it may be because of the multiple stations in one space. In front of this station, also did the local news website, at that time was joins the Hunan on-line to do the sub station, now has not done.

In 2004

started to contact the personal home page, because the cultural foundation is not good, the computer is self-taught, had some friends to understand their personal computer, home production is very beautiful, I admire his son, so try to learn to find a lot of fun, in the process of self love, so on the web.

05 years to join the Hunan online, in support of Hunan online opened their first site: Hunan Yizhang online channel, when the station, I know not much, just send in the online article, utterly ignorant of the technical matters, and later with the Hunan online contract expired, he points out to do not long, the site was hacked, to fully understand their own website production, often overnight self-study, spent more than a month’s time, with easy program to change out of a station, and later because of strained relationship with a partner, the website not to do.

2006 idle boring, online application in a 100M free space for network program to do a forum, which is now the Umeda forum, didn’t want it to be bigger, just for fun, for half a year, only hundreds of members, then free space suddenly turned off, this is not going to give up do, did not think there are many members have asked me to do it, but also by members since the issue of capital rented space, a year after the forum began to warm up, then every posting amount is more than one hundred, the day the online membership is thirty or forty, in the later reported several times because of local events, by the government the warning time several times, slowly site in our county with visibility, county Propaganda Department repeatedly contacted us in local news reports should follow the principle of the official website, before long, I Have possession of detonator dynamite explosion occurred in the town, our forum first rushed to the scene and photographed the scene pictures uploaded to the forum, attracted much attention, the picture took less than three hours from the government and the community call threat ShanTie requirements. The next day, I was invited to tea by the government office for more than two hours of political lessons at a recent government meeting