wrote in front of the words:

with a deceptive, but not like a Trojan, virus as despicable, and not for everyone (the need for site traffic website), because everyone’s different traffic demand (like I do local stations do not need to use, but I tested the effect of super good, demo address: http://s.www.chengbu.com/tjtest.html) please, as used by more, also has no significance, first with the first to see the effect, perhaps also to remedy this defect statistics website. Some people on the Internet are selling a similar set of software, the same principle, offer 5000 pieces, really dark.

how did I find out:

?I often see

site traffic, I currently use is webmaster statistics, occasionally see some. I don’t know where the domain name and background page there, then you will be very curious, open look, look in the end is what the website? What exactly is the URL? What link do I do on my website? The result was fooled.

specific method of operation:

built a page on his web site, and then as much as possible the statistical code others sites added, the more the better (in order to speed up the pace, but also can be divided in several different pages), do a good job, you can visit several times every day. Super simple.

operation notes:

1, the choice of statistical code, please select the small website, and frequently updated website (the site, several new antecedents may not cause the attention of the webmaster, just like me to watch station statistics, see a new Oleg delight).

2, after the visit can be modified, those pages, only in those pages do a jump, quickly jump to your home page.

3, often updated the code of these sites, do not always be the whole of those people, people will be very annoying webmaster, once seen, and no one was on the second time, so often changed.

4, the rest of us think about it, I think it is useful to try, and feel useless laugh, feel depressed, wry smile, do not scold oh.