marketing has a very classic saying: "there is no thing that can not be sold, only the people who can not sell things.". This sentence I go to school, we teach the sales management teacher most often told us, this is clearly a very simple way: Human effort is the decisive factor. Success is not successful, and your own efforts are the primary and most important factors, and the rest are for you. So, did not do bad website, the stationmaster that does bad website only.

can write the story first, I contact site is from the first that time is very simple, for the website that is interested in is a hobby, absolutely nothing to do with money. Of course it is utilitarian, the website as a tool to make money, this is the site to make money with no ground for blame, reflect a person’s ability, earn more, your ability is strong, of course, is a process of learning and accumulation, I had also started from the basic web term the arrival of the CMS, then the program language, web site operators and so on aspects of knowledge. Now many webmaster, too quick, too impetuous, I see a website the latest, a new station, not included, only a few days, for a new station, I know how to guide Baidu spiders, I know about how long to be included, I know how to update the record, I know how long can put ads.


product is a free website program, there are fees, many webmaster in carefully, will ask a lot of questions, such as: the program put my QQ space can be installed? Why are 2 days Baidu is not included? Why has been a week without money in the face of such? The problem is, I can only Speechless, I do not despise these stationmaster mean, I want to say is, first the basic things to learn, and then consider the question of making money. What kind of ability does a webmaster need to be able to do a good job? Well, I think it’s simple:

The hard basic knowledge of

1. website: only the so called hard refers to some basic knowledge, knowledge is the core of the establishment of the most simple: such as spatial domain knowledge, such as certain web of knowledge, and knowledge of some website industry.

Soft basic knowledge of

2. website: website promotion operation involves knowledge, this knowledge is inexhaustible inside the best every day on the station network, see the article, learning new knowledge is the best.

3. website profit knowledge: know how to optimize advertising, know some knowledge of advertising association.

as a webmaster to learn very much, do well to consider the basis to make money, is the best, even to give you a 10 thousand IP website, probably on your hand is a brick, only hit their own feet.

webmaster often asked, "my website 1000IP how much a month earn?" some people will say: "look at the situation, and some people may not earn a point, and some people can."