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of each enterprise in the recruitment website editor, will how do worry about what people are not recruited? Is now a good website editor is difficult to recruit, but not only for enterprises to recruit a good website editor and website editor stopped. So this time, as SEO, write a training program for an enterprise website editor to encourage some new editors to quickly and easily do their work. Next, I will explain for you how to write an enterprise website editing training program.

, first, specify the specific duties of the website editor

because each enterprise does each profession has the difference. Medical editors do not have any differences between the editors who receive them. So when a new person comes in, you have to specify the specific responsibilities of the company’s website editor in your solution. This will help newcomers know what their future priorities are and what they need to do. Such as website content editing, website content construction, website collection, station optimization consciousness.

second lists the target user groups of the enterprise

this is necessary, because new people just came in, do not know what the target population of the industry, what is the user’s psychology?. None of this is clear to them. At this point, they need a guide to tell them what the audience is and what to write about their needs. If you can cite two cases in the program, it would be better.

third instill a little basic knowledge of website optimization

I think a good website editor must have a sense of website optimization. Because every article they do will have an impact on the site, will have an impact on the user, will have an impact on the enterprise’s Web site operations. In theory, website editors don’t seem to need to know about website optimization, and website optimization should be given to a dedicated SEOER. In fact, this view is wrong. Because the most indispensable is the optimization of the website optimization website content, website content is the origin of writing? Is the enterprise website editor, and SEOER is not a special website editor, is the so-called professional to professional people. In the enterprise a clear division of labor conditions, SEOer can not give the most content website for others to do their own.

fourth summary search engine ranking principle

this is necessary. Web editor for search engine principle must understand, and some enterprises may long tail key words to the web site editor. If the editor does not know the ranking principle of search engine, just do according to oneself idea, so this article is very difficult to have high rank. It is only when he knows the principle that he knows how to write a good article and brings traffic through this article. What I want to emphasize here is that a good article here is not only a solution to the user’s needs, but also a good ranking.