and friends run a web site, local education website, Shandong art college entrance examination, do a year and a half, do Shandong province first, whether it is a search engine, or in the examinee’s influence, is the best in Shandong Province, but also has many advertisers favor, of course, the effect is very good. A year and a half, we have a self-help Station System on the station, and done the first in the industry, is good. Paid by everyone’s approval, is very pleased.

site has entered a steady development stage, now more free time, except to update the news every day, meet customers, talk about cooperation, there is a lot of time. Because now is in the University, saw many schoolmates play the game every day, thought that oneself can not live equally like them, therefore has started to do anything again what idea. In the A5 bubble for a long time, see a lot of articles that do Taobao off a lot of money, there are many Taobao customers, their time in the chat and a guest friend joked that after I have to sell clothes, you help me sell ah, we are bigger, you do most of the Taobao customer, I do Taobao the largest college girls clothing store.

has friends in the clothing industry, so he opened a clothing store in Taobao, specializing in fashion women’s clothing, Music Box fashion ladies flagship store. Taobao is estimated to be selling more clothes, and they are new to the industry, and started very difficult, but there are websites experience in the past, I believe that they can do this shop.

exposure to new things, need a lot of support from friends, you do not understand the advantages of image processing, just opened a store is the biggest clear positioning, specially for female college students in the market, store decoration is the most simple, now is to buy small Yang, Wang Pu, join disappear, find shop renovation team layout professional shop (do this friend can contact me Oh, ha ha).


has chosen to do it, we must do our best to do him well. This is the principle of Xiao yang. Operate the site, I and many studio combined themselves on the Internet, to help them in their own publicity brochures printed on my website, this is a very good cooperation, win-win and common development together. Now do online shop, but also to cooperate, and Taobao customers cooperation. This is an era of teamwork, individual combat is difficult to win, no matter what, cooperation, can win, can develop together, together make big. Cooperation requires mutual trust. Mutual trust is based on the good faith of both sides.

give the webmaster friends a word: to have an open mind of cooperation, to have the principle of good faith, so that is the way of development. Listen to my first Taobao guest friend said, today, Baidu, Google seems to be updated, and by the way to send a link: Shandong art entrance examination network

Music Box fashion ladies flagship store (webmaster friends, you can go to see, collection Branch!