The development of

Internet has become an indispensable part of our life today. It has or is about to replace our old media. This is an indisputable fact. It has gradually changed the way we live. From shopping to entertainment, from study to work. Even my sixty year old mother knows the Internet watching Korean dramas, there are things that do not understand, go online search, see if there is any discount on the Internet good things. Therefore, network promotion is actually around us. Its importance is not only a matter of theoretical importance, but a matter of our immediate interest, and it does give us a real advantage in our lives. It changes each of us.

remember that when the TV was first available, it was happiest to move a small chair and watch TV in front of the tv. Of course, the TV show wasn’t like this. It was covered by overwhelming advertising. Later, our economic market became more active, advertising became part of the TV, people around me often complain about too much advertising, watching TV commercials longer than the show. For a while, the people were so tired of advertising that they might be numb now. In fact, a disadvantage is that the traditional media promotion, the promotion and publicity is mandatory, it is not for the purpose of the crowd, and it really is how many businesses to effect, can achieve the desired value also can make nothing of it. If you change on the network for publicity and promotion, it is very different. Yu contains the network for you to sum up a few personal experience

first, network promotion with accurate targeted. Quite a few people do want to buy something online, so it hits them for their own needs. For example, some young people on the Internet clothing, electronic products love and follow, only your purchase crowd will buy, then you can reach the sale of goods, to promote economic interests. Like TV, or some print ads, no matter who you are, what you need, anyway, you see, I’ll be mine. Time that kidney, impotence drugs with various TV advertising files, usually watch TV especially TV dramas are elderly, female friends of the children, so mang objective promotion, can only be counterproductive. Therefore, network promotion is more accurate targeted.

second, the convenience of network promotion. Internet shopping is very convenient, open the computer, we can stay home for consumption. Network development to today, has been purely entertainment to the merger of consumption. Because we can be more selective on the Internet, we can do shopping while we are enjoying ourselves. Why not?? said the girl shopping, and time-consuming and laborious. The shop that you like doesn’t always have the same style and look. But if you’re a fashion man, surfing the Internet, Taobao may solve your time and manpower problems. As important as you can, you can always catch the trend, and you can choose thousands of clothes. Many friends around also opened the shop, in the process of fun to make money, this is the convenience of network promotion.

third, the comprehensiveness of network promotion. No >