domain registrar is not new in this free Internet era. In order to ensure the smooth transfer of domain names, it is necessary to pay attention to relevant matters. Note that the transfer of registered business, from the A registrar transfer to B registrar, the default will be registered in the B dealer auto renew a year. Generally speaking, the transfer registrar only needs to pay the 1 year registration fee at the B registrar, and then submit it to the domain name request. This specific fee depends on your transfer to the registrar. Then, the author points out 6 points for everyone to explain.


1. domain name is newly registered with the Registrar A, and it is guaranteed that the registration will be filed for 60 days before submission of the transfer. This international rule is uniform throughout the world. Faced with this type of situation, if you really need to get another domain name registrar B, as long as the implementation of domain name deletion method, this depends on whether the Registrar A has the function of providing new domain name deletion. At present, as I know, there are,, and other domain name registration companies have to delete domain name services, but the need to charge related costs, specific registration of specific analysis.

2., the newly registered domain name, if you have registered for 60 days, only need to register in the current registrar to get the password and unlock the domain name, you can submit a transfer in the new registrar.

3. if the domain name has been registered for more than 1 years and just renewals less than 60 days, need to turn out depends on where the Registrar of policies and regulations, a registrar is not less than 60 days shall renew to turn, some registrars in this case can be transferred out, there will be lost years but transferred to the new registration after taking. Have you lost years, is registered in A’s renewal for 1 years, normally you into a domain name in the register after B should automatically increase a year, but because you renew is less than 60 days, it will produce a lost year. The money was handed in, but the use time was the same as before the transfer.

4. expired domain name cannot be transferred.

5. transfer Registrar General normal condition is 5-7 days. At present, I know, the fastest transfer is GoDaddy, complete the whole process can be completed within 1 hours. Enom is also fast, about 3 days or so, will send confirmation mail, you click the link will be successful immediately.

6. check the transfer of the domain name, it is better to check the domain name whois information, and after noon, afternoon or evening check, usually in this period of time to transfer the good. Check the whois information is the most accurate, because sometimes there may also transfer the Registrar, but actually has been transferred to the new domain name registrar, because at this time there is a storage step, is about a few minutes to a few hours, but to see the domain name has moved well, natural heart at ease.

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