has been doing the first video for over a year, and has always felt that it is a better alliance in China, and the income is also good.

but just yesterday, March 6, 2008, but was informed, "website data anomalies, stop clearing the current commission."."

so quickly contact their customer service, ask specific reasons, customer service has always been the answer: website data anomalies, you can provide you think the correct information sent to our mailbox.

I wonder, the same advertising bit, traffic has not changed much, how is the "data anomaly"?

then entered my statistics, screenshots, written Email sent to the past.

started thinking that it was my own problem. I went to their forum today to see that there were a lot of "data anomalies".

has the following questions:

1. what is called data anomaly?

income much? Traffic is big, do station people all know, if a popular keyword ran to Baidu home page, one day can bring you more than N flow, of course also means that the keyword dropped, the flow is gone. We can’t predict such fluctuations.


2. send your statistical monitoring of our station to the mailbox to point out what you call "data anomalies",


3. what do you think is the correct information? Which


Adsense deducted Commission, did not know the problem is where, how to find the correct information?

provides traffic statistics to you, will you think traffic fraud,


below is an individual point of view:

do it in Chinese tired not always escape from alliance, "suppressing" the fate of the first video now do a lot, so to abandon us, just like the "Baidu", grew up raising its head away.