The station since

after revision, Baidu included continued unrest, at the beginning of the month and the end of the same basic changes in the 2600~3000, the middle of a few ups and downs, but included no increase, relative links, links the growth is almost no change from 4 thousand to 3 thousand. It shows that there are links between the anti chain and the collection. There is no chain release in the middle of the time, including high-quality reverse links, which are seldom constructed in the latter half of the month. In terms of Google, the growth rate has slowed down, on the one hand, the quality of the website, and on the other hand, the number of website articles.

51 during the holiday, few articles updated, basically suspended, Baidu included rapidly down to about 2600. Backlinks have also been reduced considerably. Visible, reverse links to Baidu included enormous impact.

just started doing the right time, the anti link construction is very fierce, every day to add hundreds of, Baidu included is also very fierce, every day also receive hundreds. So that one day just sent to the article was included, basically reached the degree of seconds. For a PR 0 station, one thing is Baidu seconds is good, but the server suck, the middle is broken once, cause included stop, never before.

how does this counter chain turbulence affect the collection and ranking situation? I’ve summed up a few points:

1, chapter content, to develop a regular, continuous update habits, the quality of the article to ensure as much as possible, the quantity must be guaranteed, at least every day can not be too much difference.

2, the best way to ensure that the chain is to continue building reverse links, the number of updates, a certain number, can not stop and go, volatility is too large. On the one hand, increase the quality of anti chain, on the one hand, indirect conversion of traffic from Baidu.

3, for the main keyword, the external keyword links is very important. Links are part of the weight is weak, so rely on the bulk of the external soft keyword links to enhance keywords ranking. Later published articles should be linked with keywords, step by step, to ensure that the quantity increases.

through constant adjustment, I believe that the site will be able to get a good collection and ranking.

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