From 2000

access to the Internet, has more than ten years, I from the earliest bus home, free personal space NetEase, now I have many sites, but still did not succeed in doing a thing, why not list, feel the biggest problem is that they are lack of attention and courage, when the the input does not have the courage to go into focus when there is no right way to do things, gradually also will deviate from the target.

after all these years, I’ve summed up the following factors that failed to succeed in business. The following points are purely personal,

1, with goals, no way to implement

most people are not the target, the target 35 months are not, not to mention a year for two years, a lot of the time you can only follow the direction, as long as the right direction can persist, it is difficult to predict the results of target.

and others have goals, but that is because the idea of too much interference was right, in the process of achieving the goals, or continue to be some new ideas, so some things and draw further apart the original objectives.

‘s solution is to set a goal and find the metrics for that goal, such as user volume, IP, and so on.

2, mistake maintenance as persistence,

most of the time, do one thing, you can not scale, only half-dead survival, if not transformation that is dead, I do not know where to turn transformation, finally toss to bitter and tired but not what harvest, eventually gave up could have been a successful project.

solution, around the key indicators to do things, if the amount of users growing, continuous user feedback, then it is meaningful to continue to do.

The spirit of exploration


3, Sike

products, entrepreneurs must have Sike spirit, to find a strong user demand, then put this thing to the extreme, let the user more with more love, most of the time, we do not in the product itself, so do things to focus on products, the advantages of products to enlarge the first part, meet the needs of users, gradually increase other functions.

but a lot of people didn’t start without a lot of excuses and gave up.

4, pay attention to data

data is my business since most failures, I never care about the data, such as traffic, conversion rate, revenue, gross profit, cost, satisfaction and so on, a lot of data reflects whether the value of your product can continue to exist, if the method of estimation and control of data over a long period of time, so this project is to continue to do so.

5, partner’s choice,

early days can only be able to work independently in technology, products, marketing and other aspects of the people, rather than what the intern.