introduction: Taobao guest promotion as CPS, the first transaction after paying mode, won the love of many businesses, do not spend a fraction of the extra money, so that promotional costs spent more valuable. However, such accurate promotion put in, traffic has become the biggest problem. How can you get a lot of traffic without taking the initiative to participate in all third party Taobao customers? Taobao customers set secrets to make your baby’s exposure increase by leaps and bounds!

one Taobao guest program introduces

general plan

must be set off after the opening of Taobao promotion plan, all passengers can add Taobao promotion, Taobao, large customer personal shopping guide website, including browser navigation, mainly by the rate of commission decision promotion effect.

Ruyi investment plan

display platform to love Taobao based, divided into PC and wireless two blocks, this time to focus is to set up modules.

Tao Group plan

was popularized by the high quality Taobao customer groups, divided into "clothing boutique group" and "every 9 pieces of 9" two plans, including clothing boutique group on the commission rate is very high, generally less than 30% of the rate of commission will have no effect.

micro shopping guide program

through micro-blog direct introduction of new programs to promote, the micro-blog user base requirements higher, the effect remains to be developed.

custom orientation plan

can set up the promotion plan of the audit condition, which is beneficial to promote the Taobao customer maintenance.

two "Ruyi plan" show principle and location

display principle

does not need to promote its own, through the love Taobao platform for display, with system intelligence, accurate delivery, traffic flow control, precise channel 4 characteristics, scoring by the system, according to the rankings show:


show location

love Taobao platform trend single product channel, daily average 6 million UV:


three, Ruyi investment plan, chargeback fee principle,

show ranking rules

comprehensive score, baby comprehensive quality, sub commission ratio

chargeback rules

Promotion Commission, commission ratio, actual settlement amount

four Ruyi vote plan set

opens Taobao customers to promote

access conditions: the market reached 1 hearts, Tmall no grade requirements, store praise rate reached 97.5%

operation process: seller Center – I want to promote – >