choose a domain name many webmaster think this is a trivial matter, that is not in the complex is to find a you want and not being registered. In fact, the domain name is like a name for a newborn baby, and that name will affect the child’s life. For our site, what we need is a proper domain name, not just a pretty domain name.

for a large site, they may have the capital to buy what a beautiful name, for small and medium sized sites, they also need to consider the factors to the search engine, how to choose a more in line with the SEO domain name is the most critical. So, the following author on the webmaster SEO angle for these small and medium-sized site to share their own in the choice of suitable domain name on a few points of view.

first, before choosing the domain name, let’s take a look at Baidu’s view of premium domain names

Baidu says: "domain names are the first senses we bring to visitors. Can our visitors make a quick impression and remember that it’s important for the site to grow?". In this proposal, in the domain name selection is to choose those visitors can be impressed, easy to remember domain names, but also allows visitors to generate a sense of trust, increasing the site’s rate of return. Convenient for visitors to share the site. In this regard, I think we can start with the following details.

1: our domain name should be short, the shorter the domain name helps visitors can remember our site.

.2: our domain name should try to echo the theme of the site, so that it can better help visitors remember our site, but also help visitors directly through the direct entry domain name access. For example, our enterprise site to enterprise name, trademark and so on to the domain name choice.

3: the common domain name suffix does not have any effect on SEO, such as com, CN, net, etc.. But we need to pay attention to is to choose some common domain name suffix, if too remote domain name suffix, easy to make our visitors to our site distrust.

synthesis above points, the author summarized as follows:

1: from the official recommendations of Baidu, we can know that the SEO principle of domain name selection is nothing more than simple, authoritative and memorable.

2: for the domain name suffix, we need not be too tangled, and to choose which kind of SEO is more favorable. I recommend companies, companies, sites choose com, and if com is registered, you can use CN or And we can refer to the current use of domain names ratio.


then we’ll see how to choose the domain name

for SEO

many novice may exist doubts, the new domain name for the site optimization ranking really will produce a shadow