now, many Internet users talk all day about Internet thinking and all kinds of marketing methods, and it looks very high-end business strategy, but really achieves the desired goal is very few. These days I see a "lay" friends about their use of the Internet to promote their own studio, I seem to feel very touched; we know more knowledge of the Internet, in front of them are the clouds, the following is finishing his story content, there is no what is the Internet thinking, what fans economy and so on. Some achievements. Let me see you and cherish it:

I’ve been using the Internet for a long time, and friends often ask me why I can get some orders from the Internet, but they can’t. In fact, I am also an expert in the Internet, because when I was in school, I was studying the Internet. After that, I liked photography because of some reasons. Now I have opened a small studio. Maybe since I liked photography, I began to say goodbye to my major and what Internet, so now I can only say that I am a layman.

I use the Internet to reason is very simple, is a good friend of mine when chatting with me, said outside now are popular in the Internet to find customers, you have what line is why not to try it, but I did not have time to go to school, is the computer besides knowledge, learn how to. I heard him say very feeling, so I contacted my former classmate, but many of them IT master, they gave me advice is never too obsessed with the Internet, said they are not to go out. I said to them, just try it, I’ll give them some benefit, help me get a studio home page, teach me to play those micro-blog what you can.

at first, I didn’t have a concept about the whole website. Although I learned all kinds of IT knowledge when I was in school, I really couldn’t do anything when I wanted to do something. That’s why, I think, whether it’s a website or something, it’s just a tool for me to promote, and I didn’t think about looking forward to making a fortune on them.

then I began to learn some knowledge of the Internet, often go to see some of the Internet websites and websites that do business, slowly contact with many new terms, such as what the Internet thinking, social economy, fans economy and so on, but I seem to understand those things are very difficult, now I did not bother to to understand them, in my opinion, these are my friends talk.

said for so long, has not said that my "achievement", in my opinion, only after they have some small achievements, they are qualified to say, this is my experience. My success is very simple, every month can get several pens from the Internet even more orders, although not too much, but even if only a few pens, my studio at least can survive, and naturally stores in my studio, the local customer that is "good business". Introduction >