entrepreneurs in addition to grassroots groups in vitro, there are many former executives and technical core from the big company to leave. They see the future prospects for the development of the industry, and then leave the stable company, to give up high salaries, began to rely on their own ability to start a business.

19 years old real contact with IT, 23 years old began to enter the bank IT system work, Lin Jianming had war over the millennium bug, but also went abroad to negotiate over hundreds of millions of dollars to buy software. In the past 5 years, Lin Jianming has been concerned about entrepreneurship and investment in 1 projects, in June this year, his formal resignation and the creation of Shenzhen Samoye Internet financial company, the release of the "CHANT" credit card business has 250 thousand registered users app compensation. Venture on the road, in order to make the product system is stable, he personally led to hundreds of potential fraud QQ group.

1978, Lin Jianming was born in a small village in Guangdong, Zhanjiang. At the age of 4, he left a mark on his body and gave him a more tenacious will. He was admitted to Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1997 for his love of computer science. Together, Lin Jianming began to do part-time tutor, send milk, about three years to help people start to change Bug, participate in Millennium Bug war.

2002 years, the first year of China’s credit card, Lin Jianming, taking into account the development of domestic credit card business began to vigorously develop the work of the Bank of China, and then jumped the slot. Banks need very stable system, Lin Jianming needs 24 hours oncall. "If a fault occurs, ask the programmer to immediately return to the computer room; if more than 30 minutes dow  n machine, the president should bear the responsibility." Although this process is hard, but he admitted to learn a lot of things, but also feel in China or even the global forefront of the application of science on the road.

2008, Lin Jianming has risen to senior manager, had to the United States, Europe and other places to look for advanced banking system. After more than half a year, he found a price of hundreds of millions of dollars of advanced systems, but found in the evaluation does not meet the domestic business facts. After two and a half years, he led the team to develop a new system, the peak of the team up to more than and 300 people, the total investment of more than 500 million yuan.


out of the system creation of payment services company