the current development of the property market, so that the whole decoration of the big market is getting faster and faster forward, the birth of the brand is more and more. After all, with the recovery of China’s economy, the construction industry has been rapid development, and comprehensively led the rise in the field of waterproof coatings. At present, there are dozens of kinds of waterproof coating brands in the market, for ordinary consumers, it is difficult to simply from the outside packaging, contrast the pros and cons of the brand. Waterproof paint ten brands list, once released to the majority of consumers to buy, provides a strong reference.

is well known, waterproof coating in our decoration building, the role played by the unusual, it can be described as one of the most important materials. It is understood that now we can buy from the market, the prevalence of waterproof paint brand cohabitation situation, including domestic well-known brands, regional brands, ordinary brands three.

the following list, according to the history of the brand, strength, quality, reputation and a number of authoritative data, a comprehensive comparison, finally discharged ten hot 2016 waterproof coating industry brand, the following brand order disorder as brand ranking sequence.

waterproof paint ten brands list NO.1, Oriental Yuhong brand:

Oriental Yuhong, mainly focus is the field of engineering, construction field, established in 1998. The brand is a waterproof material R & D, manufacturing, sales and construction services in one of the waterproof material enterprises, has been listed. In the field of engineering construction waterproof, the brand has a high visibility, market share and sales network has a certain scale and advantage. Relying on the development of waterproof engineering, the brand into the consumer’s line of sight. However, in the field of home improvement, the performance of the brand in general, all kinds of indicators are not satisfactory.

waterproof paint ten brands list, JCDecaux brand:


is a foreign brand shop, founded by the French PAREX group in 1998, the brand belongs to the early environmental protection decoration waterproof material enterprises. Brand influence, in Europe in the superior brand, entered China earlier, as one of the representative brands of foreign brands in the Chinese market, has a certain user groups. Relying on advanced R & D technology, to create a series of products. Currently, the brand has sales throughout the country, the quality of trust. However, with the emergence of China’s independent research and development of the brand, the brand lost its advantage in price. In addition, due to the emergence of counterfeit problems in some areas, in a period of time affected the sales of the brand and further enhance the pace of development.

waterproof paint ten brands list, Jessica NO.3 brand: