of our country to promote entrepreneurship, to encourage young people to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the first step to choose a good project, the project is not fall from the sky, if you really want to start, you need to find the project in September this year, China will have a large-scale exhibition held in Guangzhou, there will be a lot of the chain of well-known enterprises to interested can have a look.

> > > exhibitors

1 food and beverage categories: Chinese and Western restaurants, hot pot, coffee, snacks, barbecue, drinks and other franchise chain.

2 education and training categories: educational institutions, professional training institutions, educational supplies and other franchise chain.

3 retail category: tea, fashion jewelry, jewelry, convenience stores, books, video and other franchise chain.

4 health and beauty categories: beauty salons, body fitness, cosmetics, health products, equipment and other franchise chain.

5 business services categories: network information, real estate agents, car beauty maintenance, decoration design and other licensing agencies.

6 comprehensive categories: law firms, banks and other chain service agencies, chain stores and other equipment manufacturers.

> > > exhibition fee

1 standard booth: 9 square meters, recommended