for many Chinese entrepreneurs, whether they have such an experience, for a procedure, do not know how many times to buy, how many departments to go, but now it is not the same. "Half an hour to run the registration formalities, complete one-stop tax information collection, now do business is really convenient." At the beginning of August, Mr. Ji Lujiang have just registered Lujiang Fenshui flower seedlings planted Co., a face excitedly said. Originally, Mr. quarter five years ago registered a tea factory, find the relationship between the trustee, run around here and there, spent a whole month, almost missed the new tea market farming. Now, let Mr. Ji very regrets.

it is reported that since last October, the Inland Revenue Department and the industrial and commercial departments work closely together, the integration of service resources, forward service window, after the transfer of regulatory barriers, to maximize the convenience of business services. Since last October to June of this year, the provincial tax department to receive the new sector of the main business sector 144 thousand and 700, the monthly average of about 16 thousand and 100, an increase of about 85% compared to the previous reform.

Provincial Local Taxation Department to follow up the new household registration information collection, tax counseling and other services from the initial work, to avoid interference, and reduce the burden of security interests, strengthen the follow-up management and risk warning, ensure tax management services effectively. At the end of June this year, the province’s 9200 newly registered tax declare and pay local tax 1 billion 388 million yuan, tax revenue 150 thousand and 500 yuan contribution to the household were.

of Hefei hi tech Zone is the first national demonstration base of regional management, entrepreneurial momentum, grassroots entrepreneurship oriented, Small and micro businesses accounted for about 89%." Hefei City Bureau of science and technology in Changan to introduce collection everywhere, "because the economy is in transition, entrepreneurship is difficult, the objective existence of the tax information of tax rate is low, low rate, low rate of tax returns" three low "phenomenon, indicating that the new registration business activity, tax related behavior active degree is not high, the need for government and the relevant departments to further intensify reform and support."

in order to help the public business, can get better development for all business undertakings, the government is now in the country have introduced various policies, but the Hefei city tax procedures simplified, will allow more entrepreneurs to benefit, to promote local entrepreneurship can get more popular development.

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