circle of friends is now filled with micro business advertising, many of whom are recommended by celebrities propaganda. Recently, Meng Fei Yang Lan at micro-blog at micro business, said he and the company does not have a cooperation, will encounter false marketing rights.

2 21 Meng Fei issued a statement on micro-blog, its content is: "[] I solemnly declare and Keti (China) Commodity Co. Ltd. no intersection, recently the company’s staff to use the circle of friends and other public media rumors, out of thin air, to deceive the public, the nature of the bad, I have been a lawyer investigation, will take legal rights. Appeal to the media and the public do not believe and spread this rumor, do not be deceived! Thanks forwarding!" Subsequently, Yang Lan also forwarded, and wrote: I have never joined the company, really bad!"

Screenshot circle of friends posted in

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