The college dormitory in the winter of

have used on heating equipment, although each school will emphasize prohibited the use of prohibited electrical and flammable, but there are still many students knowingly violate. Beijing, Changping, a school dormitory fire, the cause of the fire has not yet been announced.

12 27, Changping school dormitory fire, but fortunately no casualties. It is reported that the fire site is located in Beijing Academy of performing arts, the school dormitory 4 floor room on fire, the cause is unknown. Changping school dormitory fire, the fire brigade mobilized 15 fire engines to rescue, witnesses said a lot of smoke. Changping school dormitory fire, the local fire department confirmed that after the evacuation of the fire.

north to play for students’ employment for export, the school has hundreds of support units and institutions, the introduction of a number of film and television culture and entertainment labels and architecture for multiple autonomous business platform, they will serve as the school practice base, the students in the school to enter the social practice, directly go to work after graduation.

On the eve of

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