food and beverage industry as the first shutter, the recent development is rapid, especially a variety of snacks franchise is the country to blossom everywhere, so in the face of the accumulation of market competition, snack stores how to succeed first identify the market positioning is the key. So how do we find the market positioning? Look at the following analysis:

snacks stores to identify the market positioning, first of all to grasp the preferences of a particular customer, to provide their favorite dishes, focusing on the customer’s personalized service, in order to have a competitive edge. A snack bar should not expect to attract all the customers. Everyone has his hobby people, eyes are not the same. Some people pay attention to the design, some people pay attention to the taste of the product, and some people pay attention to the price. Narrow the scope of the target customers, to seize the core of the customer, to develop the service concept of these customers as the center, the way to win, but also the most critical step in business skills.

give an example of inappropriate: Starbucks and not all people who drink coffee as the target customers, but willing to drink coffee, high-grade people attach great importance to self and picky gourmet coffee shop as the target customers. This part of the people once found suitable for their own snacks store, no matter how far will go, and will become repeat customers.

and snack bar should also create a good atmosphere. Even the same dishes, but also because of the environment and different objects and feel different. As far as possible for customers to create a perceptual, beautiful atmosphere, so that they will because of the unforgettable and beautiful story again.


snack product development shop, there are two key, one is to "new, extraordinary and special", is said to have its own characteristics; another is to "often changing" product development should pay attention to the series, and to the continuous innovation, "water does not rot, a door-hinge is never worm-eaten" only continue to maintain freshness, continue to stimulate the attention of consumers, consumers can always tend to you.

how to successfully open a popular snack shop, we must first be able to attract the mass consumer demand in the taste, the other hand is in the snack shop features, this feature can contain many aspects, can be food characteristics, service characteristics and the characteristics of store decoration and so on, are worth to ferret.

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