now all over the country are constantly providing preferential entrepreneurial policies, and played a role in the entrepreneurial leadership of entrepreneurs, the government will naturally have more entrepreneurial support. This year, Shenyang actively implement social insurance subsidies for entrepreneurs. The implementation of such a policy for the development of entrepreneurship in Shenyang is undoubtedly a great help.


identified by entrepreneurs and businesses to absorb the city registered unemployed, college graduates, technical personnel, ex servicemen (including dependents), the new labor force (not to continue their studies in primary and secondary education staff), disadvantaged groups (Urban zero employment family members, urban and rural households and low marginal households.), the employment of persons with disabilities and the surplus rural labor force eight people and pay endowment insurance, unemployment insurance and medical insurance, take "after the first pay for the principle of" social pooling some enterprises pay, give enterprise social insurance subsidies, subsidies for a period of not more than 3 years.

Shenyang will develop e-commerce to promote employment into the employment development plan and the overall development of e-commerce planning. Industrial and commercial registration has been carried out and has handled the employment and entrepreneurship Certificate (the original employment unemployment registration certificate) of network business practitioners, the same access to employment and entrepreneurship support policies.

is not for industrial and commercial registration in the third party network trading platform network business practitioners, can be identified as flexible employment, enjoy flexible employment support policies, in which the third party network trading network merchant business platform real name registration, stable operation and good reputation, can enjoy business loans and discount policy provisions. Encourage qualified areas to build e-commerce business park, all kinds of business incubation base for e-commerce entrepreneurs to provide site support and business incubation services.

now is to promote the policy of entrepreneurship, but if there is no good environment, preferential entrepreneurial policy as a support, entrepreneurs who will certainly be a considerable impact on the development of the cause. Therefore, under such a policy of advocacy in Shenyang, will promote the development of entrepreneurship in Shenyang has been a greater leap forward.

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