beauty clubs should be used to decorate the program? When it comes to decoration, people must have their own ideas, but it is really suitable for practice? Operating beauty club, how to do the decoration work? If you are not very clear about this problem, come and learn.

business hall

to the laying of granite and ceramic tile for good tone should be concise and lively. The available partition distinguish space according to functional requirements, space to lay wooden flooring or tiles and other materials, the surrounding material can be decorated with the same side of the string.

ceiling decoration

is widely used Qinggang keel gypsum board, ceiling design can be combined to produce various shapes of lamp pool. Plaster edge. To save money, but also the use of wood keel mineral wool acoustic board ceiling, simple construction.

beauty area can use decoration wall upholstery, wallpaper, ten, color interior wall paints downier. Lighting should be as far as possible the use of incandescent lamps, in order to close to the natural light. Set up the table, wall set mirror, in order to facilitate customers to observe the beauty effect.

The internal space

decorated, should then see how external decoration!

currently do for doors and windows used in the first use of stainless steel or titanium frame, inlaid the large glass windows and glass doors, glass windows can be decorated with beauty image, in order to increase transparency and advertising effect. Doors and windows of the decoration is very important, in the wall of the street can be fitted into a large glass and glass doors, like a large glass windows can be affixed to advertising words, posters, etc..

wall has many forms, such as polished marble veneer and edges, ceramic veneers.

There are many