a shop opened for investors, the need to do a variety of preparatory work will be very much, so that the store will be opened after the rapid access to better development. However, for many investors, the opening in the end should proceed from what aspects, but not an easy thing to determine. In fact, the opening of the hot pot restaurant to start from the following three aspects:

1, renovation and training carried out in the late, in advance of about half a month or so to do a hot pot shop opening preparations. First choose a lucky day, preferably at the weekend, and then formulate marketing plan. In order to create an atmosphere and to attract popularity, inflatable arches, air column, ball, set in the congratulations flower basket outside the shop, the best conditions of the tower stage and make some dance performances. Special remind, these things usually Jeeves, therefore, must go to the urban management department formalities, registration, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the opening day.

2, is also very important to formulate preferential measures during the Hot pot shop opened, many Hot pot store opened will implement a 32% off discount, but the discount is a double-edged sword, may bring a lot of popularity in a short time, but the discount period is over, popularity may flood receded. You can use the full 100 to send the method of 50, so that guests will feel a lot of concessions, but also to attract a part of repeat customers, even if the end of the coupons, there will still be a good popularity.

3, want to let a shop opened when there are more traffic, has a higher visibility, the relevant publicity is not less. Therefore, the hot pot shop opened to prepare about 50 thousand yuan of funds, the choice of newspapers, television or radio and other media, in a few days before the opening of the advertising.