2015 years, the most rapid development must be linked to the Internet industry. The electricity supplier industry is one of the lowest threshold of venture capital projects, so many young people decided to start from e-commerce, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

in focus on e-commerce technology promotion and training work at the same time, give full play to the leading role of the electricity supplier capable, invite professional training institutions to carry out the business of Taobao and Master town exchanges, learn the advanced marketing experience, with an example of promoting the promotion of electricity supplier. Electricity supplier training has carried out 4 times, training staff, rural cadres and the masses of more than and 400 people.

The rapid development of

"rural e-commerce, two-way circulation also implemented the" net goods to the countryside "and" agricultural city ", effectively broaden the sales channels of agricultural products, promoting farmers and herdsmen to get rich." Relevant person in charge of the town, said, we are like the town ‘s eco Star Garden’, ‘and garden ecological park’ and other agricultural products have a large part of the park are sold through electricity supplier."

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