is now a lot of people who are full of micro disgust, once the micro business, want to see a clean circle of friends will become very difficult. Precisely because of the exclusion of the atmosphere, so that the micro business is not everyone can do. Around a lot of friends said that they have moved to do micro business ideas, the results have just started to stop, because many people have to shield them. So how to send micro business circle of friends? What hair?

ring no life only product


a lot of people do not own micro business life, only their own circle of friends sell goods, sell things into a machine, so it is easy to be shielded. To do a micro business life, do not sell the goods to become the whole life.



a lot of people doing a micro business after go to the other extreme, the circle of friends all life are wealth photos. This is also easy to shield. Because too much wealth will cause resentment, if the sales volume is very good, not to show off.



a lot of people every day endless hair circle of friends is really an invidious shuabing. Every day to send some, do not attitude, moderation is good. Excessive Shuabing can easily be shielded oh.

out of the commodity without other publicity


circle of friends can not only goods, you can use the hot text generator will be implanted in the hot text of the article to share the circle of friends, a single product is only too good effect. Remember that people will buy back to look through your circle of friends, people will not buy you how to brush will not buy.

ring high cold

and buyers have a certain interaction, high cold ignore people, even if the product is good will lose the guests.

as a micro business, want to let their business is more people know, the circle of friends will be a very useful means of advertising. However, if you can not master the skills, will only make people tired, how to carry out such a business? So, if you want to do micro business, in the circle of friends when advertising may wish to master some skills oh.