new store to open, many shopkeepers want to do a good job, but it should be noted that the place did not pay attention to, resulting in the opening of the store is difficult to get better development. In fact, the new store opened, if you want to make a good business, in fact, there are more places to pay attention to. So, the new store to open the need to pay attention to what matters?

first, enhance execution, pay attention to work efficiency

each new store opening, there must be prior to the preparation, process control, after the assessment and subsequent adjustments to improve. Every work plan and work arrangement is very important. As comprehensive as possible, in place. Many domestic convenience store opening plan is too rough, it is not so, that is not in place, sometimes forget to consider, consider the daily operating costs, but also to open, it will cause such a situation.

two, commodity structure should be reasonable

before opening, do category planning, market research must be carried out. Organize the investigation on the local market, determine the customer location, price positioning, products positioning and stores area line planning etc.. At the beginning of the business, the procurement staff should be in the field to further determine the positioning of the commodity structure, as well as the combination of goods, analysis of local customer service needs. After that, it is necessary to sum up the assessment, marketing innovation, and constantly promote the optimization of commodity positioning.

three, heap, the end of the rack to display goods

selling goods, can not stay for a long time on the heap, on the shelf, to the timely launch of new best-selling products, rational use of display resources.

four, to build the local supply chain

customer thinking is difficult to change in the short term, the goods must be in line with the local market habits of customers, which requires the full construction of the local supply chain. As for other places of goods and imported goods, need a long time to guide.

five, to highlight the advantages of the new store


the opening of new stores opening effect is based on product positioning (store location) on the basis of this, we must create a good atmosphere, planning or display of goods must be clear about this point in terms of publicity, must be bold and innovative. Another advantage is that this service to customers and competitors find everything fresh and new feeling, than, goods can be poor, but not bad, not bad service, we must make full use of the new opportunity, excellent service in the local image.

six, security control must be strengthened