in the blink of an eye, double eleven has gone through six years, believe that after just two of eleven large electricity providers, basking in their pockets are full, then other industries can only hide in the double eleven no action?

A, who is the first person to eat crab


undeniable, application and understanding of the current line of the traditional catering businesses on the Internet platform is still in the initial stage, but the capital strength of large and medium-sized catering enterprises to walk in the forefront of the team:

Two leopard restaurant


1, catering electricity supplier has become a trend


2, the key to the success or failure of 11 double platform transformation

"double 11" has become a popular festival in various industries, is the value behind this huge traffic market, relevant statistical data, China total number of Internet users was 688 million, of which 594 million mobile users, accounting for up to 86.3% of users have become accustomed to a mobile phone end to meet the various needs of life.

three, recommended electric shock