often to the supermarket to buy something, the supermarket around us is very important not the lack of open supermarket actually cost is not very high, want to run a supermarket, shopping environment is reasonable or not is the key factor to decide whether the customers are willing to shop in a certain extent, the supermarket in the decoration and design the store environment should pay attention to what, what design principles should follow the


1. fully show their personality

in the supermarket shopping environment design, according to the scope of the operation of the store, grade, to patronize the type and characteristics of our customers, fully reflect the operating characteristics of the store. Enable customers to look at the appearance of the supermarket, you can have a deeper impression and the desire to enter the store; customers into the supermarket, you can feel the unique atmosphere and the desire to buy. Therefore, the design of shopping environment must focus on enhancing the attractiveness of customers, highlighting the characteristics of the store, so that they have a lot of difference with many competitors.

2. customer centered

shopping environment design, we must adhere to the customer as the center, to meet the various requirements of customers, which is the core of modern marketing ideas. Today’s customers are no longer a large supermarket chain as a purely shopping behavior, but as a collection of shopping, rest, entertainment, entertainment and social interaction as one of the integrated activities. Customers in the supermarket, also requires high-quality goods, convenient and comfortable shopping environment, to require the operator in the shopping environment design, commercial layout, shopping setup, make it more consistent with the characteristics and rules of customer shopping.

3. to have artistic

luxury shopping malls, or cheap shopping malls, as long as the design is reasonable, are reflected in the different beauty. Novel and good moral, novel and unique ideas through the structure, shape, layout performance.


above is the small series on how to successfully operate to the supermarket a few suggestions, may still have many deficiencies, but also pay attention to the franchise brand supermarket interior environment design science, reasonably organize goods management work, make, deposit, transport and sale links closely with the clerk to give full play to their potential, saving labor time, reduce labor cost and labor intensity, improve work efficiency, so as to increase the economic benefit and social benefit of supermarket.

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