an area want to constantly improve their own development strength, can not be separated from the professional development planning, Henan in their own development issues, but also actively take appropriate strategies, and constantly strengthen the efforts to develop. How to build a free trade zone with characteristics, explore the development mode and path of the free trade area with the characteristics of the Central Plains, and promote the overall situation. Henan Provincial People’s Government Development Research Center researcher Liu Zhanguo made a hub type, free port type, export-oriented industry, science and technology innovation and growth pole type five models. Which do you think is the most cool?

free trade zone is used to build or independent innovation?

reporter: the main features of the third batch of free trade zone, Henan, how to build a free trade zone around the characteristics of Henan?

Liu Zhanguo: to create a unique feature of the Henan free trade area, we must start from two aspects, one to reflect the will of the central, and the other is a real combination of the actual Henan. In order to achieve two goals: one is to support the national strategy, to build a world-class FTA; another is about the reality of Henan, to create local characteristics of growth pole, create new competitive advantages, promote the Central Plains and the country.

reporter: building world-class is not easy, what is a good way to go?

Liu Zhanguo: there are two ways to go. The first is to adhere to the doctrine of the road, the world and even the domestic free trade zone building experience from the past, the other is to adhere to the road of innovation and development, breaking a distinctive road Henan.

reporter: what is a good model?

Liu Zhanguo: specifically, Henan can create the five characteristics of the model: the central hub, inland free port, export-oriented industry, science and technology innovation, growth pole driven model, such as the five.

to build the central hub of the FTA Henan what emboldened

reporter: why do you want to create the five characteristics of the model, the first model to build the central hub of the FTA, for what kind of consideration?

Liu: first the Warring States strategy and characteristic mode, I call it "The Belt and Road docking to implement the national strategy, the construction of a modern integrated transport hub as a breakthrough, to create the central hub type free trade zone. The need to build a central hub type free trade zone "is the radiation from all sides, supporting the" The Belt and Road national strategy, but also our province leapfrog development, positioning function characteristics and advantages of our province’s largest free trade area, which is Henan’s unique position and traffic matching.

reporter: specific measures should be how to do?