day before the entertainment add news, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy married, the public have a blessing, but very few people have noticed that two people do the wedding venue where the order of one hundred lives. In fact, AB is living in the hundreds of investors.

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these great differences between investment institutions and investors, why invest in the same company?

1. founder: from rebellious teenagers, veterans, returnees learn tyrants, rich two generation to the generation of


2012, known as the European version of Airbnb wimdu, Chinese exit, Zhang Hengde took the opportunity to the acquisition of its business, and the Wimdu wimdu Asia is expanding houses one of the founders of Mr. Ruan Zhimin responsible for joint development of new company.

IDG Xiong Xiaoge believes that the failure of the most valuable experience for entrepreneurs, the sooner the better the failure, this may be just the case for Zhang Hengde.

2. live hundreds of

is not a good student Airbnb