now society, the beauty industry business opportunities, but also in the whole operation often face some customer churn phenomenon, how to operate their own beauty salons, beauty salons do solve customer churn phenomenon


How do

1, too busy. Beautician is too busy to take care of every guest, resulting in the loss of a certain source. But this does not mean that the store business is good, because it is very likely that the beautician did not do a good job pre appointment, so that customers focus on the same period of time, so naturally will lose some of the tourists.

2, lack of change. Many beauticians neglect to accept new technology, so that it can not improve their personal skills, but also cause loss of customers.

3, no longer pay attention to customer experience. The beautician and customer contact more, more familiar, then gradually neglect customer service experience to ask. You know, technology is important, but the customer’s feelings are also important.

4, put forward practical suggestions to customers, but only to make money, so that customers have a psychological exclusion.

5, no differentiation. Many customers have the mentality of petty gain, if the beautician can give a fixed number of small customers in a timely manner, will be able to stabilize a large number of customers, otherwise it will cause the loss of tourists.

6, offend customers in speech or behavior. Some beauticians blind arrogance, not good enough to allow customers to produce resentment, but also easy to cause the loss of tourists.

In fact,


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