Each visit

fine jewelry shop there is a temptation to buy a few pieces of high quality and inexpensive small accessories, is to seize the consumer’s mind, Yang Guohua’s small jewelry store only to make a big business, opened a chain, the ultimate success of his wealth of life.


2000, Yang Guohua found that the country was a burst of fast food fever, then accumulated 60 thousand yuan of funds, Yang Guohua, invited a few friends to sell western fast food machinery and equipment. This business is in Beijing he had dug the first pot of gold, in contact with McDonald’s and KFC chain stores, Yang Guohua felt the chain business model can quickly raise the social capital and human, as long as you find a suitable for mass consumption of the project, you can do much to the eye. In order to find the project, Yang Guohua chose to visit the famous commercial street in Beijing around Wangfujing.

Yang Guohua found these sell good commodity shop, has its own brand, the price is better than the general store your own brand, if so, there should be a market. Yang Guohua decided to start doing small jewelry business, in the form of supermarket chain management. I heard that there are more small commodity manufacturers in Guangdong, in 2003, one day, Yang Guohua embarked on the road to treasure hunting in Guangdong.