know that if you want to make the business booming business, but also need to store more customers to store. However, how can we make the store more customers, which has undoubtedly become a problem more shopkeepers worry. There are a lot of marketers have suggested that if you want to keep the store customers, might as well give customers kneel". So, retain customers really need to kneel it?

remember to see such a thing on the Internet: in a training session, a sales lecturer introduced a way to retain customers kneel. When you think of the customer to go, when you were hopeless, knelt down, it is called "kneel down transaction method". It is said that the world auto sales champion Mr. Gilad is very good use of this trick. If the lecturer is to use this approach, causing the operator to the customer’s attention, then this is understandable. But if it is really used in the business, kneel turnover law is tantamount to grandstanding.

compared to kneel down law, we have more and more effective way to retain customers. In my own business experience, I used to take the initiative to warm the way to win the trust of customers. Now, with the increasing consumer demand, operators want to retain customers, we must start from two aspects of product quality and service quality. The quality of the product, that is, all the goods in the store will be regular channel purchase. Services, I would choose to use the door-to-door approach to retain customers, this approach seems simple, but many operators did not insist on down. Recently, I took advantage of this to open up their sales situation, to retain a lot of customers.

I live on the third floor, there is a more than and 70 year old aunt, the body is not bad, that is, leg pain, walking a crooked a very hard. Every time she comes to buy things, no matter how many, I will help her upstairs. To this end, the old lady was very moved, often in the store, the other customers praised my move. As long as there is something missing in her home, she will come to my house. On the surface, although I was more busy, tired, but it has been recognized by the old woman, to retain a loyal customer. Gradually, my door-to-door service, virtually retain a lot of old customers.

each marketer can have their own business methods, how to retain customers, each person’s views will be different. In fact, only need to really consider from the customer’s point of view, the real ability to provide customers with high quality service, which will undoubtedly be able to retain customers to a greater extent. Therefore, a lot of ways to retain customers, as long as the customer feel the quality of service can be, kneel is not necessary means.