roadshow is a new way of promotion in the field of entrepreneurship has been frequently used. Many entrepreneurs through the form of roadshow to investors and the market to introduce themselves, get more exposure, rich brand effect. Joint roadshow has become a competitive means to promote the use of entrepreneurship.

2016 the first ten venture O2O joint shows today in the new Hangzhou roadshow panorama Network Center – Hangzhou hi tech Zone Science and technology financial services centre, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress Mao Guanglie and Hangzhou Binjiang District city deputy mayor Shi Huamiao attended a panorama Network Center opened and the first Hangzhou roadshow roadshow. The roadshow by the panorama of Shenzhen, Qianhai Financial Information Co., Ltd., panorama Network hosted, Hangzhou hi tech Zone, financial services center.

Shenzhen panorama of Qianhai finance limited set up websites, television, radio, magazines and new media terminal is equal to the multi-level capital market development of cross media information dissemination system, the first domestic listed companies roadshow mode based on company owned panorama network, the development and the construction of the largest investors interactive platform, the company has 19 roadshow center, has become a Internet plus financial + business + information service functions such as finance, business O2O service platform.

in the roadshow on success, after all still need to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects with products and services Nadechushou, so that investors can really feel the future prospects for the development of this project, in order to gain the ideal resource support.

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